How to open Protected View files in MS Word

Vikas on the Microsoft Office Trustworthy Computing security team explains how a new feature in Microsoft Word 2010 called Protected View. In his article he discusses how hackers have discovered ways to manipulate Office binary files so that when they are opened and parsed, they cause their own … [Read more...]

How to change MS Word’s background from White to Blue

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[Tutorial] How to Create a Macro in MS Word 2007

One of the hidden features in Microsoft Word is macros. These are small mini-programs that you can create to automate tasks, for example, formatting a document, changing the layout or updating styles. What is a macro? A macro is a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a … [Read more...]

MS Word 2010: Is the new Find better or worse?

In the new version of Word 2010, there is a new ‘integrated flavor of the Find feature’. Scott Walker, Lead Program Manager, for Microsoft Word explains that ‘Rather than a modeless dialog box that jumps about on the screen to get out of the way, the basic Find experience now sits conveniently at … [Read more...]

How to extend the Ribbon in MS Office

The Fluent UI, or as it’s better known the Ribbon, was introduced in Office 2007. The Fluent UI technology, like the Open XML formats, is based on XML, which allows for a richer extensibility story for developers. Erika Ehril's blog post describes several tools and resources related to Fluent … [Read more...]

MS Office 2003 to 2007 User Interface Guides

If you’ve just moved to Microsoft Word 2007 and wondered, “where are all the file menus gone?”, then these reference guides might help. … [Read more...]

Microsoft Word 2010, Goals and Objectives

Scott Stiles, the head of the Program Management team for Word, describes the aims and objectives that Microsoft has for this new release. He discusses how the planning has many inputs, such as market analysis, trends, customer requests, MVP and Partner input, and looking at issues users have with … [Read more...]