[Video] How to add the Euro currency (€) symbol to MS Word

Ah yes, that crazy Euro currency (€) symbol. You'd think it would be on your keyboard, especially if you bought it in Europe, wouldn't you? Anyway, it's not, is it? So, just how to do you add it to your Word doc? Is there some mystical keyword combination that'll add the Euro currency (€) … [Read more...]

[Video] How to remove private data from MS Word before Converting to PDF

Too lazy to read? Scroll down and watch the video, ya young whelp. Hey! Stop before you create that PDF! When Word Tips and Tricks was a small child it created a PDF without removing important things in the file properties. Things grandma didn't want published on the interweb. Alas, WTT didn't … [Read more...]

[Video] How do I create Endnotes in MS Word documents?

Last week we looked at how to create a footnote. Today, my friend, we look at its good friend, the endnote. Use endnotes when you want to keep the reader focussed on the text, so they don’t get distracted. At the same time, endnotes allow you to gather references in one place that the reader can … [Read more...]