[How To] Turn off Automatic Spelling & Grammar Check in MS Word

By default, Word automatically checks spelling and grammar as you write your document. It displays any errors it finds as wavy and green red underlines. While they have their value, these can adversely affect your computer’s performance as they continually demand memory. To turn off automatic … [Read more...]

How to Copy Text and Graphics from PDF Files into Word

To copy text from a PDF file into Word: Open the PDF file.  On the Tools menu, click Select Text.  Select the text you want to copy (or click Edit, Select All to select the entire file).  Click Copy on the Edit menu.  In Word, click where you want to paste and click Edit, … [Read more...]

How to Remove ‘Rogue’ Private Data in MS Word

When you save a Word document, it tries to update its own settings by capturing information about the computer or network you're working on. It needs this information in case you want to make different versions, for backing up, or for other reasons. It pulls this information from your computer’s … [Read more...]

How to Remove Your Name from MS Word Macros

If you create a lot of macros in Word, you’ll probably know that you're name is recorded as the Author. The macro begins with a header similar to the following:     ' Macro1 Macro    ' Macro recorded 7/12/2006 by Your Name From Word’s point of view, it makes sense to keep track of such things. … [Read more...]

[How To] Remove Old File Versions from MS Word

Word’s file version feature lets you save multiple versions of the same document in the same file. You can delete older versions of the document in order to reduce the file size. To delete one or more versions of a document, follow these steps: On the File menu, click Versions.  Select … [Read more...]

[How To] Turn Off Fast Saves in MS Word

The Fast Saves feature automates the process of saving a document. In theory, this sounds great. However, as well as saving any changes to the document, it also retains any text that you’ve ‘deleted’ from a document. This partly explains why documents that use fast save can bloat to very large file … [Read more...]

[How To] Remove Headers and Footers from Documents

Headers and footers in documents may contain identifying information. To remove information from headers and footers: On the View menu, click Header and Footer. Change the contents of the header and footer. Close the Header and Footer toolbar and return to the document. … [Read more...]

How to Remove Personal Information If MS Word Is Connected to Networks

If you are logged on to a network, your network user name may appear in the Author edit box on the Summary tab and in the Last saved by field on the Statistics tab, when you save a document. This can occur even if you have removed all other personal information from your computer. To remove … [Read more...]

How to Remove Personal Information From MS Word

To clear summary information from an existing document or template, follow these steps: Open the document. On the File menu, click Properties. On the Summary tab, clear the Author, Manager, Company, and any other boxes. On the Custom tab, delete any properties that contain … [Read more...]

Where Do I Find Summary Information in MS Word docs?

Summary information is usually saved when you create a Word document. There are several methods you can use to view this information: Open the document. On the File menu, click Properties. The Summary, Statistics, Contents, and Custom tabs may all contain various properties such as your name, … [Read more...]