How to Fix Damaged & Corrupt Word 2007 Documents – Part 1

This article describes how to identify a damaged document in Microsoft Office Word 2007. It also includes steps that explain how to recover the text contained in a document. Step 1: Determine the template used by the document Open the document in Word 2007. Click the Microsoft Office Button, … [Read more...]

How to remove margin marks in Word 2002

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How to Reduce Large MS Word Files – Part 1

Ever had your Microsoft Word file explode from 1MB to 10MB in just a few minutes? In the tech writing world, Microsoft Word tends to get a bad rap. One of the arguments put against Word is that its fairly unstable and prone to creating ‘horrors’, such as bloating in size until your (Microsoft!) … [Read more...]

How to remove margin marks in Word 2003

Before you start, make sure that the Text boundaries option in Word is not selected. FWIW: these steps worked at the time of writing but (as you may know) things change with Microsoft applications, so you may have to experiment a little. To do this, follow these steps: Start Word 2003. On the … [Read more...]

How to update the Date automatically in Microsoft Word

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How to Compare Fonts in MS Word

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How to Fix MS Word After It Crashes

Many of Word’s problems are related to the file. This is the master template behind Word. When you start Word, this is the file that determines the page layout, fonts, styles and so on. … [Read more...]

How to Remove Hidden Text in MS Word

In Word documents, it is possible to format text as hidden. Because hidden text can contain information you may not want to distribute, you may want to unhide and remove it. To remove all of the text in a document that is formatted as hidden, perform the following steps: On the Tools menu, click … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Count Words in MS Word (using Shortcuts)

If you want to know how many words there are in a paragraph, or block of copy, select the text and click on Word Count. To create a keyboard shortcut to Word Count: From the Tools menu, click Customize. Select the Command tab and highlight Tools in the list of Categories. Scroll down the … [Read more...]

‘Find and Replace’ power searches in MS Word

What’s the quickest way to delete text?  Forget the backspace or delete keys. Instead, try this: Select the block of text you want to delete and CONTINUE TYPING. Word automatically deletes the text when you start to type.  … [Read more...]