How to Count the Number of Characters in MS Word 2010?

Want to find out how many characters or words there are in your Word document? There are two ways to find the Word count: Click the WORDS icon in the status bar at the bottom on the screen. It’s next to the Language setting. In the Review tab, click Word Count in the Proofing It’s fourth from … [Read more...]

How to Save MS Word docs as ‘Filtered’ HTML

Purists may not approve of the quality of its code, but Microsoft Word lets you save your documents into HTML and, for the most part, the end result is fine. If you want to convert your document into HTML you can choose from three different options, each of which has its own advantages. To get … [Read more...]

Numbered Lists: How to Insert Space Without Breaking the Numbering

If you want to add space between items in a numbered list, but don’t want to turn off the numbering, follow this checklist. Creating Space Between List Items Create a new document. Click the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar to start an automatic numbered list. Type First Item and press … [Read more...]

How to Add a 1 Pixel Border to MS Word Documents

MS Word 2013 You can add page borders to a page, a few pages, or the entire document: On the Ribbon tab, click DESIGN Click Page Borders. This option is on the far right of the menu bar. In the Page Orders tab, click the select the Style, Color. In the Preview section (area on right) click … [Read more...]

How to View all Styles in MS Word

By default, MS Word does not show every built-in style, such as Footnote Text, TOC styles in the All Styles option in the Show list of the Styles and Formatting Task Pane. Word 2003 To see the complete list of Word’s built-in styles, choose Custom from the list, select Show All, and click … [Read more...]

How To Update the Table of Contents in MS Word 2007

JP asks, ‘How do I add fields to the Table of Contents in Microsoft Word 2007?’ While this is easy to do in Microsoft Word 2003, it is not so obvious in Word 2007. How to update the TOC: Add a new Chapter Heading to your user guide Or Copy and Paste an existing heading Rename the … [Read more...]

[Tutorial] How to Convert Text into Tables

Let’s say you have a large block of text that you want convert into a table. How do you do it? I write many technical documents. This means that many times I need to reformat text so that it is more attractive and easier to read. One way to do this is to place the text in tables. This lets the … [Read more...]

How to open Protected View files in MS Word

Vikas on the Microsoft Office Trustworthy Computing security team explains how a new feature in Microsoft Word 2010 called Protected View. In his article he discusses how hackers have discovered ways to manipulate Office binary files so that when they are opened and parsed, they cause their own … [Read more...]

How to Recover Lost Files in Word 2003/2007

Have you ever lost a Microsoft Word file and tried to find it? You know it’s there but where is it? Want to find where it is? Here's how to do it. How Microsoft Word saves files When you write a Microsoft Word document it creates a temporary file (.tmp) that saves your file as you work. … [Read more...]

[How to] Fix Styles in MS Word 2007

In this tutorial, we show how to update Styles in Microsoft Word 2007. The way styles work in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 are different. Even Gil Grissom would have a hard time doing this. The best way to add Styles, such as Notes etc (2007) is as follows: In MS Word, go to the Home tab. … [Read more...]