How to Postion Images in MS Word

If you want insert pictures into MS Word and need to position them accurately on the page, follow these steps: Click on the horizontal ruler at the top of the page. This ruler shows measurements from 1 to 20. Press and hold down the left mouse button. A vertical line appears. Use this to adjust … [Read more...]

[How To] Print a Block Of Text in MS Word

Instead of printing the entire document, you can tell MS Word to print only a section. You have many options when printing in Word. As well as printing the current page only, or a range of pages, you can also tell Word to print an area in the document only. Word calls this a 'selection.' So, … [Read more...]

How to Create Underlined Spaces in MS Word

Underline spaces (underlines) can very helpful if you want to tell the reader where to enter data, for example, type their name and address on an application form. Name:                      Address:                   City:                       The problem is that if you use a normal … [Read more...]

How to Correct Errors in MS Word’s Dictionary

MS Word lets you add words to the default dictionary and other custom dictionaries you may have setup. This is very handy if you're using a lot of technical, business, or medical terms and want to avoid accepting them every time you run the spellchecker. But, of course, you can also make mistakes … [Read more...]

[How To] Remove Duplicate Words and Phrases in MS Word

What's the simplest way to remove duplicate words and phrases in MS Word documents? For example, when writing long documents, or writing a report during the week, it's easy to get ‘snowblind’ and end up repeating text without knowing it. Luckily there is a way to check that these repetitions … [Read more...]

How to Create Mirror Text in MS Word

Want to write mirror text? It's actually very easy to do in MS Word. You can get Word to display text in mirror style if you want a heading or title written backwards, for example, to make a brochure or newsletter more interesting. To write text backwards, what’s often called mirror writing, … [Read more...]

[How To] View Documents in Full Screen in MS Word

Want to view your documents in full screen so you can read them better?  Here's how you can use the full-screen mode in MS Word to review your documents. After all, it can be difficult when reading technical documents on a small screen if you have to keep fighting your way through toolbars, menu … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Write Secret Messages In MS Word

Here’s a few ways to write secret messages in MS Word.  Write your message, select it, and change the Font Color to white. Your words have disappeared! The problem here is that if another person highlights the document and changes the font to black, your words come back. Let’s try another … [Read more...]

[How To] Add Diagonal Lines to Tables in MS Word

To add diagonal lines to tables in MS Word, follow these steps: Click inside the table you want to modify. From the Format menu, click Borders and Shading. From the Apply To box, select Paragraph, Cell, or Table.   4. Click the lower left button (highlighted in red above) to add a … [Read more...]

[How To] Save ‘Filtered’ HTML in MS Word

Filtered HTML is a special type of HTML where Word-specific functions have been removed from your document. This is very useful when you want to create a webpage with ‘clean’ code as web pages created from Word don’t always work correctly when viewed in non-Microsoft browsers. The reason for … [Read more...]