How to update the Date automatically in Microsoft Word

You can update the Date and Time in Word when you open it. There are two steps involved here: … [Read more...]

How to ‘Zoom’ in and out of MS Word Documents

You know the feeling. You’ve been working hard on the computer all day. It gets hard to read anything. You could change the text size by using the Zoom control’s drop-down menu on the Toolbar… but even that’s too much hard work.  … [Read more...]

How to Change the Background Color in MS Word Documents

The bright white text area of most word processors can become a quite tiring on the eyes after a few hours. You can of course jiggle the brightness and contrast settings on your monitor but a far better solution is to give your blank pages a light grey tint.  Open Word so that you can judge the … [Read more...]

How to Compare Fonts in MS Word

If you are constantly fussing over fonts for your documents then there's a very handy feature in Windows that allows you to quickly compare typefaces according to style and design. … [Read more...]

How to Fix MS Word After It Crashes

Many of Word’s problems are related to the file. This is the master template behind Word. When you start Word, this is the file that determines the page layout, fonts, styles and so on. … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Count Words in MS Word (using Shortcuts)

If you want to know how many words there are in a paragraph, or block of copy, select the text and click on Word Count. To create a keyboard shortcut to Word Count: From the Tools menu, click Customize. Select the Command tab and highlight Tools in the list of Categories. Scroll down the … [Read more...]

How to Create Giant-Sized Fonts in MS Word

In Word, if you go to the Font Size drop-down menu, the largest value shown is 72 point. However, to get whatever font size you like - up to 999.5 points - just type in the number and Word will update the font size. Try it! … [Read more...]

[How To] Automatically Insert ‘Boilerplate’ Text in MS Word

If you frequently need to insert a word, line or block of text into MS Word documents you can easily automate the process with a simple keyboard shortcut.  Highlight the text and press Alt + F3, to create an AutoText entry, then give it a name or accept the default that appears in the dialog box … [Read more...]

How to Resize Fonts in Word 2003

To increase or decrease the font size in a Word document, follow these steps: … [Read more...]

‘Find and Replace’ power searches in MS Word

What’s the quickest way to delete text?  Forget the backspace or delete keys. Instead, try this: Select the block of text you want to delete and CONTINUE TYPING. Word automatically deletes the text when you start to type.  … [Read more...]