[Tutorial] How to use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in MS Word

You can use Microsoft Word to attach cascading style sheets (CSS) to your web pages. Cascading style sheets are text files which control the formatting of web pages. There work just like templates. Inside the CCS file, you can define how the headings should look, indentations for the bullet … [Read more...]

How do I turn off Automatic Hyperlinks in Microsoft Word?

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[How To] Convert Tables to Text in MS Word Without Losing the Format

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How to Create a ‘Note’ Style in MS Word

Let's say you want to add a note to your document but don't want to type Note every time. How do you do it? In Word, you can create different types of styles. What most people don't know is that you can add a piece of text in the style to say Note. That means every time you add this style to … [Read more...]

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