How to Convert MS Word Tables into ‘Plain Text’

Let’s say you have a table that you want to convert back into text. How do you do it? I write technical documents for a living. Part of my work is extracting text from excel files and other documents where technical information is located. Sometimes this is text inside tables that I need to get … [Read more...]

How to Count the Number of Characters in MS Word 2010?

Want to find out how many characters or words there are in your Word document? There are two ways to find the Word count: Click the WORDS icon in the status bar at the bottom on the screen. It’s next to the Language setting. In the Review tab, click Word Count in the Proofing It’s fourth from … [Read more...]

3 x MS Word Grammar, Writing, and Proofing Tools

Looking for proofing tools for MS Office? Need better grammar checker, thesaurus, or hyphenation tools for your documents? One of the difficulties with MS Office, especially Word, is that the proofing tools for spellchecking, grammar, and writing are a bit limited. That's the bad news. The … [Read more...]

5 Shortcuts To Select Text In MS Word

What’s the best way to select text in Microsoft Word? There’s different ways you can do this depending on what you want to select. For example, do you want to select text one word at a time? Or do you want select text, starting on the left and working your way into the document? Or maybe from … [Read more...]

How to Save MS Word docs as ‘Filtered’ HTML

Purists may not approve of the quality of its code, but Microsoft Word lets you save your documents into HTML and, for the most part, the end result is fine. If you want to convert your document into HTML you can choose from three different options, each of which has its own advantages. To get … [Read more...]

How to Improve Image Quality When Converting MS Word Docs to PDF

Having problems exporting MS Word documents with images to PDF? There are several reasons why this can occur. Let’s look at different settings you can use to fix this and get a better PDF. Convert to PDF Options in Word First, there are three ways in Word to convert a document to PDF: Click … [Read more...]

How to Force MS Word Spellchecker to Accept ‘Non-US Spellings’

There are two problems with the spellchecker in Microsoft Word. One is that it struggles to accept words which are not in its dictionary, even when it appears you’ve asked it to accept this word. The second is that, in some documents, you may need to use several languages. For example, if you … [Read more...]

Numbered Lists: How to Insert Space Without Breaking the Numbering

If you want to add space between items in a numbered list, but don’t want to turn off the numbering, follow this checklist. Creating Space Between List Items Create a new document. Click the Numbering button on the Formatting toolbar to start an automatic numbered list. Type First Item and press … [Read more...]

Does your writing pass the 5 second test?

Skimmers are likely to spend 20 seconds or less skimming a document to decide whether or not to read it more carefully. Skim your document for 20 seconds, and mark what stands out most to you in that amount of time. After you are finished, see if what you have marked is able to convey your … [Read more...]

How to Add a 1 Pixel Border to MS Word Documents

MS Word 2013 You can add page borders to a page, a few pages, or the entire document: On the Ribbon tab, click DESIGN Click Page Borders. This option is on the far right of the menu bar. In the Page Orders tab, click the select the Style, Color. In the Preview section (area on right) click … [Read more...]